Thanks to all the coaches who help to make the Rugby Clinic such a success.

Special thanks to:

Cam Allen
Shaun Allen
Damien Benedict
John Bowley
Owen Brombal
Alberto Bustamante
Basil Butler
Steph Charlebois
Joyce Cheng
Victor Cho
Jim Delaney
Barb Dinardo
Bill Dinardo
Jordan Dinardo
Riley Dinardo
Nick Durand
Bob Elliot
Andrew Ferguson
Dave Fortier
Caitlin Gag
Maqadas Ghulam
Will Giles
Sam Goffin
Ahmad Hassan
Ferdous Hayder
Ryan Kennedy
Paul Myers
Andrew Steele
Tyler Greer
Daniel Gana
Dominique Rumball
Meredith McCann
Robin Lacey
Tyler Leggatt
Jamie Lester
Simon Levy
Jason Lewis
Rob Maclauchlan
Tyler Macleod
David Marchesseault
Adam Marshall
Jamie Mistry
Aaron Mittler
Alvee Mohamed
Owen Morgan
Torsten Mueller
Thariq Mulaffer
Kyle Nichols
Barry O’Shea
Ali Patel
Domenic Perino
Nico Pienaar
Ross Pinkerton
Gil Quesnelle
Chris Rideout
T. Rubman
Lauren Rudko
Frank Salmonds
Campbell MacNeill
Brian B Benskin
Anne Wood
Kristin Bonomo
Aquila Akingbade
Nick Touret
Mitch Santilli
Denis Sassman
Robert Sawicki
Frank Schimpl
Colin Shaw
Zulfigar Sheikh
Andy Smyth
Dave Spargo
Leanne StillmanĀ 
Natalie Tam
Jeff Tomlinson
Qudrat Ullah
Mario Van Der Westhuizen
David Webb
Dave Williams
Gareth Williams
Chris Woodhead
David Wright
David Wright
Usman Zahid
Scott Hendry
Jesse Henkenhaf
Tyler Hergott
Patrik Hevey
Andy Ireland
Jim Jaques
Kenneth Darch
David Spargo
Rebecca Delaney
Bill Campbell
Sam Qubti

For those who were not able to make it this year, we hope to see you at our annual Rugby Youth Clinic.

If you would like to coach at next year’s Rugby Clinic, please fill out the following form.

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